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20 useful


  1. The first impression
    When preparing your home for a visit, it is important to consider several key factors to create a positive first impression.First, make sure the main entrance to your property is clean and tidy, with well-maintained lawns and landscaping. It is also important to avoid any litter or dead leaves in the backyard and to ensure that the stairs and the entrance are clear of all debris of snow and ice.
  1. Present the property as it is
    Then, it is crucial to present your property realistically by conducting the necessary repairs, such as painting, wallpapering, cracks, and broken tiles.
  1. Let the sun shine in
    It’s a good idea to open blinds and curtains to let in natural light and give your home a cheerful, well-lit look.
  1. Leak-free fittings
    Care should be taken to ensure that all faucets are in good condition and not leaking, as this can be an indicator of faulty plumbing.
  1. The smallest details are important
    It is a clever idea to check that all doors, drawers, and windows work properly and adjust them accordingly.
  1. Safety first
    In terms of safety, make sure that the descents of stairs are clear to allow visitors to explore every corner of your property in complete safety.
  1. Up and down
    Highlight the attic, light up the basement and other storage spaces. A coat of basement paint can make all the difference.
  1. Maximize storage space
    It is also important to maximize storage space by cleaning out cabinets and showing visitors the available storage spaces.
  1. Bathrooms influence the buyer’s decision
    Bathrooms should be immaculate, with clean faucets, repaired cracks and caulking gaps, clean towels and linens, and neatly stored personal products.
  1. Cozy bedrooms
    Bedrooms should be inviting, with adequate light, utilitarian furniture, attractive bedspreads, and clean blinds and curtains.
  1. Lighting, a key element
    Lighting is key to creating a welcoming ambience, so it is important to leave all interior and exterior lights on during an evening visit and replace faulty bulbs.
  1. Too many people
    It is also advisable to avoid having too many people in your home during a visit, so as not to give the impression of disturbing the family life of potential buyers.
  1. Soft Music
    Your music is not necessarily to the taste of the visitor, take care to lower the volume of your devices and turn off the television. Let your broker discuss with his client in peace, you will be surprised by the results.
  1. Watch out for the dog
    Animals are man’s best friend, but some people are fearful and can’t stand their presence, so keep them away.
  1. Let the broker do the talking
    Be welcoming and attentive but don’t do the broker’s job. The customer is there to visit and not to converse.
  1. The most beautiful property in the area
    That may be true, but let the visitor find out! Do not tell him about the unique opportunity that presents itself to him. If the visitor points out some faults or makes a disparaging remark, be attentive and keep your comments, the broker will take care of intervening.
  1. Discretion is always in order
    Store your personal effects. Your photos, jewelry, and other items that may catch the buyer’s eye. It is important that the buyer imagines your home with its own objects and furniture. So, the less he sees, the better.
  1. Avoid crashing a sale
    Although the opportunity may arise, do not immediately offer to sell your furniture and accessories to the visitor. Stay calm and relaxed; your broker is aware and will know how to intervene at the right time.
  1. Negotiations
    Let your broker initiate discussions with the visitor regarding the sale price, payment terms and occupancy date. Your broker is a professional who will know how to carry out the negotiations, always to your advantage.
  1. Trust
    Your broker is available to you at all times. Before making important decisions regarding the sale of your property, consult it. He has extensive experience and is always at your service.