fb Isabelle Poirier - Real Estate Broker - Remax Québec - ADVICE TO SELLERS


Make a good impression

The first impression of visitors is crucial. Often, everything is decided as soon as they see the main entrance to the property. Make sure everything is clean and in good condition, including the lawn and landscaping. Remove dead leaves and dispose of trash. If it has snowed, clear the stairs and the entrance.

Make some edits

Touching up paint, replacing damaged wallpaper, patching exposed cracks, and repairing broken tiles will make your home look like new.

Welcome the sun

Daylight optimizes the charm of a property. Raise the blinds and draw the curtains; visitors will be able to see how well-lit and welcoming your property is.

Repair water leaks

A leaky faucet spoils the appearance of a bath or sink and betrays faulty plumbing, which may turn off some buyers. Fix the problem as soon as possible.

Be thorough

It is the finer details that reflect the overall look of a property. Take the time to check the operation of the doors, drawers and windows.

Strengthen security

Any accident is to be avoided: clear stairs and orderly rooms will contribute to the smooth running of visits.

Enhance basement and attic

The attic, basement and other storage spaces should not be overlooked. Brighten everything up and feel free to apply a coat of paint if needed.

Tidy up the cupboards

You benefit from placing order in the cupboards: potential buyers are looking for large and convenient storage spaces.

Prioritize bathroom and kitchen

These parts greatly influence the decision of the buyer. Clean faucets, caulk cracks, wash towels and linens, clear counters. Everything must be sparkling clean!

Prioritize simplicity

Well-ventilated, clean and harmonious rooms will put the customer at ease and improve their visitor experience. Remove unnecessary furniture and use attractively colored items.

Light the house well

During evening visits, leave all exterior and interior lights on, and replace bulbs as needed. The property will appear warmer and inviting.

Avoid traffic

Gatherings with family or friends can make buyers feel like they are inconveniencing you. As a result, they may tend to cut short their visit or overlook important aspects of your property. Make sure there are as few people as possible during visits for the most positive results.

Eliminate all sources of distraction

I need to be able to chat calmly with the potential buyer if you want to get the best possible results. Turn down the volume on your devices and turn off the TV.

Keep animals away

Animals are man’s best friends. Nevertheless, keep them at a distance: some people fear them or are allergic to them; they risk cutting short their visit in their presence.

Give free kidney to visits

Be welcoming and attentive, but avoid distracting visitors, who are potential buyers. I will lead the visit.

Pay attention to comments

Think your landlord is the prettiest in the business? Let the visitor discover it for himself. If he makes comments, even negative ones, listen; I will intervene.

Stay discrete

I know the needs and desires of visitors well; I will be able to present to them all the advantages offered by your property. If you wish to ask me certain questions, avoid doing so during the visits and wait until the end, I will then be at your entire disposal.

Wait for the right moment

You have to be patient if you want to sell your furniture and accessories to a visitor. Advise me of your intentions; I will intervene at the appropriate time.

Take advantage of my expertise

I will negotiate with the visitor the sale price, the terms of payment and the date of taking possession. Being a professional; I will be able to carry out the negotiations, and this will always be to your advantage.

Make informed decisions

Before making important decisions about the sale of your home, it is best to consult me. I have extensive experience, which I put entirely at your service.