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Commission… Do you get what you pay for???

If you are like most of our customers, you are at “100,000 an hour”. Between work, family, hobbies and your health, in addition to the stress related to phone calls and emails, your time is limited. Therefore, if you have to move this year, you may decide to hand over the responsibility of your real estate dreams to a professional.

After a brief search, you identify a few offers of real estate brokerage services and wonder how much commission to pay to obtain quality service. When selling a property, the goal is to save time and money, and to get the best selling price possible.

Traditionally, when selling a property, you pay a percentage that can vary depending on the service offer and only once the property is sold. It is essential, before choosing a broker, to ask him for his marketing plan in writing in order to properly assess your investment. Some offers may seem much less expensive than the average, but if the broker does not do quality and well-organized marketing, if he is not present during visits and if his experience of your market and his skills in trading are limited, this decision could cost you dearly, even if the commission percentage is reduced.

Make sure you get your money’s worth by hiring a broker who can demonstrate his experience and skills by presenting you with a complete and cutting-edge marketing plan, as well as a warranty and insurance program. to which you are entitled. A good broker will have the skills to maximize your selling price during your negotiations with the buyer and will be able, if necessary, to orchestrate a situation of multiple offers to your advantage, in compliance with the rules with the collaborating agents.

Choosing a real estate broker is an important decision that will have an impact on your entire transaction. It is essential to do business with someone you trust, who will be able to offer you high-end service and who will protect your interests while getting the best sale price for you… so choose wisely!